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Are you in the following categories;

A School owner looking to showcase your school for popularity purposes?

An employer looking to hire competent hands to help you grow your company or business?

We can help you reach that goal through our website and our native broadcast Platforms. is one of the most popular update mediums in Nigeria, ranking among the top best in the country with thousands of users

We have the capacity to reach thousands if not millions across all regions in Nigeria and abroad. ADVERTISE YOUR SCHOOL or POST A JOB TODAY with us today and best rest assured of receiving good results..


We can help you promote your school and also the job vacancies in your organization using any of these two styles:Website Publication/WhatsApp Group Message

Kindly read through to select the option that suits your School or Company.

  • School Advertisements and Job Postings with all the necessary details will be shared here on our website and WhatsApp Group.
  • This method enables the reach of at least maximum number of qualified candidates at least 20,000 prospects and job seekers, giving your advert more exposure to reach its target…
  • Details of advert will be featured on our website and nce published, it will be universally accessible on our whatsapp group too 24/7 for as long as the offer lasts..
  • It will feature in our daily Email Newsletter and also be shared across all our Social Media platforms.
  • With our well composed and constructed Message styles, we ensure that your advert is well understood to the general public.. This propergates and ensures that every interested individual prospect & qualified candidates understand the details or in full to avoid malapropism.
  • Price: ₦2,000 per slot

Please NOTE: 

If you have all the details of your School or Company compiled in a Microsoft Word or PDF Format, kindly SEND it to  [email protected]

The concise detail of your school or company must contain the following :

  • The School or Company’s Location/Address
  • The School or Company’s Website (If Available) For Schools who don’t yet have a website.. We are avaliable to design a beautiful one for you..
  • The Title(s) of your advert( Could be the name of your School or Company or how ever you want to title it)
  • The School Description( What Educational facilities Do Your School Have) This helps to Attract Prospects.. or Company’s Job Description/Responsibilities, Requirements and Other Details.
  • The Method of Application and Deadline.

For further enquirers, kindly contact us at [email protected] or


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