What’s NYSC SAED all about?

The National youth service corps (NYSC) and initiative of the federal government of Nigeria began with the mission to promote seven (7) strategic objectives amongst which are national unity and integration, dignity of labour and self reliance. The scheme was born out of the exigencies and post Nigerian civil war reconstruction, rehabilitation and re-integration. Under the scheme, young graduates are mobilized and deployed nationwide for a compulsory one year service. In a bid to resolve the diliema of a sustainable platform to address the issue of unemployment amongst the youth, NYSC established a department of Skill Aquisition and Entrepreneurship Development. The department vigourosly effectuates capacity building for corp members through sensitization, skill acquisition and development training activities.

Goals & Objectives

The goal of the Skill Aquisition and Entrepreneurship Development Project is to contribute to the attainment of the MDG-1 (eradicate extreme poverty and hunger) and the transformation agenda of the present administration.

To acheive this, the following are set out as objectives:

i. Sensitize and mobilize 200,000 young graduates for skill acquisition annually.

ii. Facilitate the training and mentoring of 100,000 young graduates in skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development for self-reliance annually.

iii. Promote public-private partnership for entrepreneurship development and self-reliance amongst Nigerian youth.

iv. Promote documentation and sharing of best practices on youth empowerment in Nigeria.

v. Support evidence-driven advocacy efforts for favourable policies on youth empowerment in Nigeria.


Capacity Building-

The Skill Aquisition and Entrepreneurship Development Project uses capacity building strategy to improve organizational & project effectiveness and efficiency by building the capacity of the SAED department to fulfill her role of cordinating the projects also by building the capacity of the corp members to transit from employment seekers to employers of labour.

Partnership and Collaboration-

NYSC partners with different Organizations that have proven track record in organizational development to aid with training. For a national and multi-dimensional project of this magnitude, there is need for collaboration. To acheive this, NYSC would seek to establish partnership with credible and competent organizations at various levels for the different parts of the project.

Project Components

To actualize the entire project of the SAED, the corp members will be attached to different organizations/enterprises based on their areas of interest to perfect their skills and/be mentored for business development. These organizations would have the required market/operational expertise in the area of identified skill.

i. Skill Acquisition

This component of the project involves the equipping of interested corp members with specific vocational skills sets, based on their peculiar interests and realities. However, the areas of skills to be provided would be based on an assessment of skills considered to be demand driven.

ii. Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship development would focus more on development the business/enterprise capacities in corps members who by virtue of their undergraduate training have acquired competencies in specifies fields and those who have undergone the skills acquisition training and intend to further explore possibilities of self reliance.


Following the entrepreneurship training, Corps members who indicate interest in programme will be selected to participate in the more intensive SAED training which is expected to last for seven (7) days. There are 10 skill set which corps members can choose or identify with. Within the period of the training, they are not to migrate to any other skill group. The current curricular is shown below:

a. Agro-allied

b. Automobile

c. Beautification

d. Construction

e. Cosmetology

f. Culture and tourism

g. Education

h. Environment

i. Film & Photography

j. Food processing/preservation

k. ICT

l. Power & Energy


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