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NYSC Relocation, Process, Approval And Cancellation

Most recently due to security challenges across the nation, NYSC gives relocation to corpers to neighboring states. It is also an opportunity to relocate or redeploy to another state, based on marital purpose or health concerns.. Now for those who are unfamiliar with what relocation is in NYSC, let me throw some light into it…

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Relocation is the process by which a corps member applies to be posted to another state for reasons such as; A married woman who wants to be closer to her spouse or someone who has a certain health condition and needs a hospital or doctors constant attention. Hence, after being posted to a state you dislike or don’t want, the next thing you do is to apply for relocation to another state.

Below are guides to lead you through the whole process..

How Relocation Is Done

During the NYSC online registration exercise, opportunities are provided to people with serious health issues and married women for relocation, which is backed up by uploading the evidence of their claim.. This makes a married woman liable to being posted to their spouses location and for the health challenged, a place for appropriate health care..

Corps members are always given the opportunity to apply for relocation based on marital or health grounds during the period of being in the orientation camp.. After the relocation that is done in camp, all other relocations are done three (3) months after the orientation course. However, following the NYSC policy, all relocations stop six (6) months into the service year..

NYSC Relocation, Approval and Cancellation
NYSC relocation letter sample..

Steps to Apply for Relocation

Lodge your relocation request at the camp. You would be asked to visit the NYSC portal to make payment and print your Relocation letter.

You would have to upload supporting documents before you can be able to make payments. five documents if you’re relocation is on marriage bases and doctor’s report or health certificate, if your relocation is based on health problems.

You will then be patient for some hours or days. The NYSC officials during this period will check all your uploaded documents for approval or rejection. If it’s approved, you will be able to make payment and print your letter. But if it is not approved, you will then be required to scan and upload a real document or letter.

So in general, below are the steps you’ll take..

  1. Request for relocation before you leave the NYSC orientation camp.
  2. On your web browser visit portal.nysc.org.ng then Log in with your Email address and password you used during the NYSC online registration.
  3. Click on the Relocation Status, if your request has been approved.
  4. Click on the link then make a payment of N1,000 via Remita. (Remita Charges is about N165)
  5. Print your Relocation letter in colored and report at the NYSC Secretariat of the new state you’ve been relocated to… Relocated corps members must report to the new state within 21 days of the approval.
  6. Do all the necessary documentation.
  7. Show up at your new Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) with your new posting letter for acceptance.

Relocation Documents For Uploading For Married Women

You will need 5 supporting documents for relocation as a married woman and they are..

  1. Your marriage Certificate (Court Affidavit). Court Certificate of Marriage, Mosque or Church Marriage Certificate..
  2. A newspaper Publication of Change of Name..
  3. Your husband Local Government Identification..
  4. Your husband’s ID Card e.g National ID Card (temporary one acceptable), Voter’s Card, Driving License, etc.
  5. Your house Utility Bill (Power Bill, Water Bill, etc) or Letter from Husband Employer.


You Can Still Cancel Your Relocation

Even after your relocation application has been approved, you can still cancel it. What you’ll have to do is, visit the state you’ve been redeployed to.. State your interest in canceling the relocation application. You will then be asked to write a letter of Cancellation of Relocation Application to (you put the name of the State).

It takes a few days for this process.. You will be informed by the state that your relocation has been canceled. You can now return to the first state of posting. Processes of relocation application and cancellation if one wishes to, must be completed within 3 months…

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Thanks for reading..

May all your dreams come true and live long to enjoy them. Wishing you more wisdom and knowledge plus understanding from the above.

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