6 Profitable Business Ideas You Can Kick Start After NYSC With Little Or No Capital


We all know of the economic situation in this country (Nigeria). We all know that there’s no 100% assurance of most graduates getting a job that suites there qualification.. The alternative and safe option would be business.. But the question is; What type of businesses can a graduate venture into after the service year has ended?

I don’t want anybody to make the mistakes most graduates make in this present dispensation.. Experience from others had taught and equipped me with what to go for immediately after NYSC. It has exposed me to a series of profitable business ideas any graduate can take advantage of, even in the process of searching for a job also.. let’s discuss a list of businesses you can go for after NYSC. Below is the list of 5 profitable business ideas any graduate can take advantage of as soon as NYSC is over.

1. Start A Youtube Channel

It cost almost nothing to startup a youtube channel for creating videos… Many people don’t know that there is money ‘flying online” on youtube under their very nose.. People go online to find answers to their problems, which someone somewhere has an answer to.. Some also go online to watch videos to forget their sorrows..

You see people watching youtube videos of all sorts both comedy ,academic videos ,sports etc with their data and someone somewhere is getting paid.. Don’t you know that all those videos are made and uploaded by various individuals into their youtube channels and are there after paid by youtube?

Starting a youtube channel like Gea’s Tv Official which is my Youtube channel name is a wise decision you can take today.. I opened a youtube channel for comedy videos sometime ago but because of a mishap that happened to me ,i had to halt it for a while ,though i’ll resume back soon. you can watch the video here… Please like and subscribe as well..

Gea’s tv official: Operation No light..

Note: I’ll advice you to open a youtube channel in a niche you enjoy.. What i mean is open a channel for something you love doing, like a hobby.. Mine is comedy because i like acting.. The reason why i said this is, when you’re doing something you love, you won’t get tired of doing it no matter what..

2. Blogging (Creating valuable content)

5 Profitable Business Ideas You Can Kick Start After NYSC With Little Or No Capital

Most Nigerian graduates have heard about blogging while still in the university. A lot of them take advantage of it while in campus. Blogging is a form of freelancing or better said, information marketing on the internet.. In blogging, you write and publish resourceful articles (Just like this one you’re reading). You teach people about different things they probably don’t know, update them about ongoing activities and events around the world. You give them guides.. The list is goes on..

Its a unique business idea.. It doesn’t matter if you’re not good in writing or typing. You can learn it.. Free courses are available online to teach you how to write and blog like a pro.
Remember people search for anything online, no matter what it is.. That’s why you can’t run out of choices of what to blog about.. You feed people all around the world with valuable information and turn that into money.

The power of blogging is, you work hard for few months and alerts keeps coming in. I know of a course mate of mine who created a blog and posted articles online via his blog, who’s now controlling more than one blog, and each paying a thousand dollars in AdSense income, direct adverts, and affiliate earnings. A few you might have come across include entrepreneurbusinessblog.com, owned by Emenike Emanuel.. Nairaland etc..

See Also Meet Emmanuel Who Started His Blogging Business As A Corper And today Is Selfemployed

I wrote a blog guide to put you through, if you will consider blogging as the next thing… Click here

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3. Start A Coaching Centre like JAMB/SSCE

5 Profitable Business Ideas You Can Kick Start After NYSC With Little Or No Capital

This also is one of the best business ideas to make money which one can venture into… Thousands of individuals are striving to enter into any higher institution as possible. People are coming out of schools with few of them having something to show for it. You can take advantage of this..

All you have to do is to rent an apartment for the startup. You can approach the principals of public or private schools for class space or if you have a better idea for a space no problem..You will need to look for competent teachers, lets say few graduates who are yet to know what to do after service too and your friends in this category.. God helping you, it might become a school as time goes on..

4. Service-Based Businesses

5 Profitable Business Ideas You Can Kick Start After NYSC With Little Or No Capital

You’ve been trained in schools to be fit for what you studied.. Let me throw more light.. Lets take for example you studied veterinary medicine. You can start a little establishment which takes care of animal welfare.. People who have pets vaccinate them and also when ever they are sick they need the services of a vet.. Also poultry farmers need vet services for there birds.. Watch discovery channel to see a lot of these self employed vets. An example of one is Bondi Vet..

As a graduate of Business Administration, Can start a consultation service, giving supports in the form of one-on-one coaching, seminars, etc. to people who want to run their businesses professionally and profitably.

As a graduate of computer science or C-engineering, you can add computer knowledge, especially in programming. With this, your firm can design and market softwares for schools, businesses, etc. The list is endless..

Most people will always complain of capital to start their own business.. See the method i used in raising money for my online business which you can employ..

With just a good idea, you can make it on your own by Gods grace starting with just what you’ve got… You won’t have everything to start at a time but know that, if you don’t have money, use time. If you don’t have time, spend energy. You can’t say you lack them all.. This is a small profitable business idea to start with..

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5. Learn A Skill And Implement It

NYSC through its skill acquisition program (SAED)is doing its best to encourage corpers to take advantage of several youth empowerment programmes that take hold in camp and conducted during the service year. Please for prospective corps members, take advantage of it.. Mistakes several graduates make is believing they shouldn’t go for skill training after all the years they’ve spent in school. Your countries economic status might just tell you something else later..

A friend of mine learnt tailoring during her service year. After her service year, she got home, not searching for jobs but started her own shop.

Me too went for serious training’s on blogging. Am i not the one that owns this blog.. I am by Gods special grace….

6. Day Care Services

Ladies are good in taking care of little children than men.. Previously only the busy cities required the services of daycare houses, that’s in the past now.. For ladies, you don’t really need to have relevant qualification in education to go into this service. How ever, If you think you’re good at child management, you’re good to go..

Many people are in need of someone to babysit their children at a fee while they are off to work.. This is what most schools do with children in kindergarten (KG1).. They only ensure that little children are being taken care of till parents return to pick them..

To summarize it all

Not everyone will be self dependent after NYSC… Some will end up working in banks, hospitals, companies and some in government offices.. Yet a few will take the drivers seat as bosses and future CEOs of there own..

Thanks for reading..

May all your dreams come true and live long to enjoy them. Wishing you more wisdom and knowledge plus understanding from the above.

Remember: ‘’Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming’’ – Richard Branson and ‘’You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want’’.- Zig Ziglar

Good luck to your future 💕. Stay blessed…


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