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Canadian Institute of TEM/Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Canadian Institute of Technology

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 Introducing the (CITEM) Canadian Institute of Technology Entrepreneurship and Management  CITEM which was on January 31, 2019 registered to carry out educational activities as Providers for:

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Trainings and Workshops;

Secondary Education teaching and learning process at the 13th grade level of the senior secondary school curriculum: Higher School Certificate (HSC) as available in Nigeria before the advent of the 6-3-3-4 education system. This session leads to the award/certification of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma;

Post Graduate Certificate trainings and certification that allow holders to pursue academic Master’s Degrees in Canadian Universities.


To become the preferred centre for equipping global education/business owners and future entrepreneurs with entrepreneurship, management and technology skills.


To provide our students with new and relevant technology and management knowledge that enhances their entrepreneurial abilities towards excellence.

Our variety of programs are attractive to the following groups:

Recent graduates from colleges and universities.

Students without college/university certification.

High school graduates.

Workers with a dream of setting up their own businesses.

Women who want to be start-up entrepreneurs.

Professionals looking to become first time entrepreneurs.

Executives seeking to improve their knowledge of technology, entrepreneurship and management.

However, the Canadian Institute of Technology Entrepreneurship and Management  CITEM wishes to collaborate with Schools with the purpose  gearing  towards:

Preparing/admitting interested schools final year students at the point of exit from school for Certification of Ontario Secondary School Diploma credits (OSSD) through virtual lectures and examinations. The OSSD is the equivalent of the Nigerian Higher School Certificate (HSC) as awarded before the advent of the 6-3-3-4 education system;

Preparing students who need extra academic assistance through remedial courses.

On successful completion of either of the two processes above stated, the Nigerian child will maximally benefit from the eventual choice of migrating to any university of choice in Canada since he already holds a Canadian credential.

CITEM High School offers students the opportunity to earn Ontario secondary school credits online featuring mediated content delivery. The teaching model adopts a combination of online video instruction, online assessments, and virtual evaluations. With the growing trend of virtual schools, it is obvious that we provide students with sufficient and superior access to academic support.  

All of the CITEM carefully selected educators are experts in their respective fields with years of experience in teaching and pride themselves on quality of teaching and encourage students to reach out anytime regarding concerns of any kind. 

At CITEM High School, subject matter is delivered through various media and is easily accessible to students at any given time – what the student needs is a reliable internet connection. 

The Canadian Institute of Technology Entrepreneurship and Management/Ontario Secondary School Diploma Believes That;

Giving students freedom to study at their own pace is a vital element of academic success – this teaching model not only conveniences students in terms of material accessibility but can also help students with time management skills. 

Be assured that the selection of media for the purpose of teaching is carefully made and the utilization of media for the purpose of teaching is not against the policies set by the Ontario, Canada  Ministry of Education.

Students can enroll in one or more courses at any time of the year and can move through the material as slowly or as quickly as they like. The course instructor guides students through the curriculum using well designed and professionally presented online instructional videos and multimedia resources. Learning is asynchronous: lessons, activities, assignments and tests can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

All the same, students are strongly advised to complete a course within 4 months of starting it. Students who have not completed a course within 4 months will need to apply to the principal to have their time extended and will be asked to provide reasons for the request. Instructors provide valuable feedback through assignments, regular weekly online conferencing sessions, discussion forums, and direct email. Students interact and learn with one another through open conferencing times, discussion forums, peer reviews and assessments, and collaborative assignments and presentations. Students have direct access to their marks and can easily track their own progress.

All course materials are available online, no textbook will be required. Assignments are submitted electronically. Tests are completed online at a time convenient for the student, and every course ends in a final exam which the student writes under the supervision of a proctor approved by CITEM High School at a predetermined time and place. The final mark and report cards are then forwarded to the student’s home school. Students must achieve the Ministry of Education’s learning expectations of a course and complete 110 hours of planned learning activities, both online and offline, in order to earn a course credit.

The chart below indicates some general examples of online and offline activities, but each course will involve different specific activities.

Online Learning ActivitiesOffline Learning Activities
Watching instructional videosReading materials for course
Watching additional resources videosStudying instructional material
Completing online timed assignmentsPracticing skills
Contributing to ForumsCompleting assignments
Uploading video presentationsCompleting essays
Communicating with instructorPreparing presentations
Participating in live conferencesReviewing for tests and exams
Practicing through online quizzesResearching topics on internet
Reviewing peer submissions 
Assessing peer presentations 
Completing online timed exam 

Students must keep a learning log throughout their course which outlines the activities they have completed and their total learning hours and will be expected to access and participate actively in course work and course forums on a regular and frequent basis. This interaction with other students is a major component of every course and there are minimum requirements for student’s communication and contribution. Student enrolment in CITEM High School is open and continuous.

 Registration is available online 24 hours a day through the CITEM High School website. Students must submit proof that they have successfully completed the prerequisite for any course in which they intend to enroll after they have registered. The number of tests and assignments within a course can vary, but all together will always constitute 70% of a student’s

final mark. As well, the type of test assignments vary and may include labs, projects, discussion board participation, short answer questions as well as essays, audio recordings and video presentations. Assignments can be uploaded online or scanned and attached as an email.  Video presentations by students will be uploaded to the private CITEM High School’s YouTube channel.

 Students are given suggested timelines in each of their courses to help them complete the course credit in a reasonable amount of time. However, students may establish their own schedule for regularly submitting assignments and writing tests.  Course instructors return assignments with grades and comments consistent with the assessment and evaluation policies of the Ontario Ministry of Education.

All courses will have a final examination or evaluation worth 30% of a student’s final mark, unless otherwise agreed to by the Principal. Ten days prior to the preferred examination date, students will submit a supervisor’s approval form. The selected supervisor must be approved by CITEM High School before their examination date can be finalized. Examinations must take place in a professional environment; they may not be held at a private residence. Acceptable supervisors will require a work email address and may be asked to produce a copy of their diploma or certificate of qualification or practicing license in order to validate an examination application.

Acceptable supervisors include Certified Teachers, Lawyers, Registered Family Physicians, Registered Nurses, Government Social Workers, Registered Psychologists and Professionally Registered Counselors. Relatives, supervisors without a professional email address and hired tutors will not be approved to proctor a student’s examination process. 

The approved supervisor is sent a password that is to be entered at the time of the examination allowing the student access. The supervisor ensures the security and integrity of the examination process. Students who have not submitted acceptable proof of prerequisite cannot write the examination. After the examination has been written, no assignments can be submitted and no tests can be taken, and all outstanding work will receive a mark of zero.

Student’s participation and online attendance is monitored by each course instructor and the learning management software. It is important that students spend regular and significant amounts of time logged into their courses if they wish to be successful in their courses. CITEM High School expects students to log into their course at least three times per week. Students who have not logged into their courses at least three times per week will be contacted by the course instructor for an explanation. In the case where the student has not logged in to their course for over one month both student and parent will be contacted.  Continued absence from the course will result in a credit not being awarded and the student removed from the course.

CITEM High School is a place of learning and as such, there must be an atmosphere based on mutual respect. Students are expected to be courteous and to respect the personal rights and feelings of others. Insults, disrespect, and other hurtful acts disrupt learning and teaching in a school community. CITEM High School is committed to the protection and well-being of all students and staff. 

As part of this commitment, our school has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment, intimidation, threatening behaviors (verbal or otherwise) and/or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school. Profanity, harassment or aggressive behaviors are not acceptable and may result in student suspension or expulsion. Threats, distasteful remarks, abuse of any kind or harassment by any individual which impairs the health and welfare of any student or staff member is to be reported to the Principal immediately.

In view of all the above presented, we at CITEM High School, a major arm of CITEM: Canadian Institute of Technology Entrepreneurship Management gracefully awaits collaborating with your highly revered school for the benefit of the Nigerian child, especially those who look ahead to attending Canadian Universities.

For your benefits, our centroid revolves around www.citemcollege.ca

Kindly get acquainted with the website. Thank you!

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