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What An Ex-Corper Taught Me About Running A Successful Blogging Business

There are key things you need to know to become a successful blogger. Getting traffic to your blog easily is a crucial thing any beginner or struggling blogger should know in this current dispensation… You see blogging is beyond what you might expect it to be. The secret an ex-corper (who’s now a very successful blogger) taught me, in running a Successful blogging business was actually all about “A blog being able to solve peoples problems”..

Is your blog solving a problem? what solutions is your blog giving to solve peoples problem who land on your site.. It could be in health,tech, news fashion, academics etc..

I’ll tell you two things my mentor asked me when i said i wanted to become a successful blogger like him, that enlightened me and made a huge impact to my blogging carrier as a novice during my service year..

Can your blog post be so effective that it can literally grab a busy mans attention, who’s browsing through his phone and make him pause to read or listen to whatever in hell your post has to tell him, that is more important than what he’s doing at that moment?.

Are you aware that nobody came online to look for you? yes, at
least not you in particular. People go online to have fun, socialize and probably educate themselves. You are not in the equation, except you are a celebrities already..

Having this in mind, below are crucial tips in becoming a successful blogger..

1. Choose a particular niche

What An  Ex-Corper Taught Me About Running A Successful Blogging Business

This is coming first because this is where many start getting into problems.. Niche mistake is one which many people make in blogging especially the beginners. They combine different niches together. Some one is blogging on news, sports, job,business, food and almost everything.. If you are doing that as a beginner you might get frustrated because as time goes on you won’t even know what you’re doing anymore… Remember when you don’t know where you’re going, everywhere will look like a road to you..

Choose a particular niche and work on being the best in it, it would make your blog look organized and reputable. Just take it as someone who is based on selling vehicle tires and built his business to a reasonable length, to someone who sells clothes ,groundnut, tires and sweets(Any way na way)..

Now tell me who will you patronize if you know nothing about tires and want to buy a quality one from a dealer? You guessed right. You’ll patronize the man who’s business is based only on tires, because that’s his niche.. You cant be a professor of Biology, Math and English at once..

2. Your blog should be solving a problem

What An  Ex-Corper Taught Me About Running A Successful Blogging Business

Always try to know what people’s really want not what you want, and find out how to solve their problems. Any time you post and nobody views the post means it’s not important to them. The reason why you are not getting traffic is not because your post is not reaching them, its because it is not solving their problems. Do a research properly before writing any content, then you will be surprise how your traffic will multiply in hundred times.

2. Target audience

What An  Ex-Corper Taught Me About Running A Successful Blogging Business

Who are the target audience of your blog? How do you grow a massive blog audience without necessarily outspending your competitors?

Firstly, let’s talk about who a blog audience is. 

A blog audience is a group of people who visit a blogger’s site and return to the site from time to time. You develop your blog audience over a period of time by constantly giving them value.

If you are not clear about who your target audiences are, you diminish your chances of making money from your blog real quick.

Are your audience small business owners, aircraft engineers and companies, health workers, Europeans, Americans or even Africans?

While what you are teaching might have a mass appeal, wisdom demands that you serve your core audience first then others can follow.

3. Use social media and forums to promote your posts.

What An  Ex-Corper Taught Me About Running A Successful Blogging Business

Facebook and Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, LinkedIn groups and forums like nairaland and reddit are great places to share your blog posts. If you can work on this your site will start generating good traffics from social media and forums. If you really want to get people to read your post or click on your link, your tittle must be captivating,..

choose an interesting topic that will get peoples attention. For example: if you post something, check if you see something titled like that would you love to read? This is how to tittle posts for example : “how to make money online” don’t just titled it like that instead; 5 legitimate online businesses you need to know about. This one is more captivating than the other. We have heard the words how to make money online several times so you need to bring something new.

4. Search engine optimization

What An  Ex-Corper Taught Me About Running A Successful Blogging Business

The lifeblood of every blog is traffic. Your blog is as good as dead if you’re not getting traffic to it. And of course, traffic is not enough if it’s not quality traffic.

A blog that generates 7,000 highly targeted visitors in a month will always outperform one that generates 20,000 random visitors/bots. This is why you must be careful when buying traffic.

Let me also add this…

Social traffic doesn’t have the same weight as search engine traffic. So, it’s in your best interest to learn how to do search engine optimization so that Google will always smile at you each time you publish a new blog post.

5. Use two column blog theme for your site.

What An  Ex-Corper Taught Me About Running A Successful Blogging Business

The above is an example of a two column theme.. It helps make your work look organized and nice.. Check most pro bloggers blogs, you’ll see what i am actually talking about.. Use images to explain your points where necessary like you can observe on most of the posts here. It makes your blog nicer and self explanatory.. Many blogs suffer due to lack of this, there by making there readers bounce off there site.

if you get these above keys right,you should be on your way to becoming one of of the successful bloggers of our time….

If you’re interested in starting a blog today or some time after now and would like to have coaching plus guides to practically set up your blog, you can email or whatsapp us… Details are at the contact section..

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