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What Business Can I do As A Corper ?

As a serving corps member, relying on just your NYSC allowance really doesn’t help.. There are profitable things you can get doing as service goes on, that can yield you income weekly or on monthly bases.. In this post, we shall walk through some business ideas that are easy and require low capital to start up.. The efficacy of these businesses varies according to ones location or environment.. So if you’re asking yourself a question such as; what business can i do as a corper? You’re in the right place..

Below are 7 things you can get doing as a corper for profit

1. Conducting Private Lessons

What Business Can I do As A Corper ?

This a popular way youth corps members make money, especially for those posted to schools.. Conducting private lessons for students is one thing i recommend for every corper who wants to make extra cash monthly, alongside the allowance that’s received from the federal government.

To go about this is by lobbying for recommendations and linking up with outgoing corps members who will always want to pass the baton to a suitable person to continue from where they stopped.. You’ll have tell them to recommend you to the parents of the student or students they were tutoring, so you can pick up from where they left off.

I had many friends who did this and they were making money from it during the service year… There was this corper friend of mine that was handling 3 lessons differently and each paid him 8k every month, resulting in 24k just for lessons alone.. All he did was to schedule all of them differently..

Subjects like, Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and English are in hot demand, so you can take advantage of it please.. Also find a time that’s convenient for you, so you don’t wear yourself out…This is the number 1 thing i recommend corpers to do during service for extra cash..

 2. Starting up a pastry business

What Business Can I do As A Corper ?

This business requires low capital, to start.. Pie, doughnuts, and cupcakes are some of the snacks you can make and sell for profit. Even if you are posted to the most remote area of the country, once you can find at least a school you’ve found your market.

You can take advantage of your CDS meeting point to sell your snacks.. Convenience stores around can also be a place to market your snacks. Approach them and introduce yourself, then convince them to help you sell your snacks and give them discounts to entice them.. You’ll be surprised a what you get at the end of the month, God helping you..

A corper friend of mine named peace, (i call her mama peace because she was our mama in the NCCf), sold snacks at our CDS meetings and as joking as we all thought it all to be, she was making her money.. This is why i advice prospective corps members to take the SAED training that’s always offered in the orientation camp very seriously..

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3. Doing Projects for Students In Tertiary institutions

What Business Can I do As A Corper ?

Yes i know, not everyone is capable of this but for those who can, you can venture into it.. Everyone in the NYSC programme, must have passed through a tertiary institution, so “research/project” isn’t a new thing..

Final year students of tertiary institutions would have to carry out research work/Project before they can be cleared for graduation; and most times they do need help with it. knowledgeable corpers in their field of study can take advantage of this, mostly for those posted to tertiary institutions.. This leaves a business opportunity open for you, to key in and make money solving that need.

4. Starting a dry cleaning business

What Business Can I do As A Corper ?

This is another way to start earning money as a corper. This business requires you starting small and grow it big..Your apartment is a nice and convenient place to startup, doing the washing yourself.. You can start by getting orders from your fellow corpers, neighbors ,where you worship etc.. As time goes on, advertise your business to more people through other forms of advertisement..

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Expansion could just be the next thing and as time goes on, you can get yourself a shop.. Also have a convenient place to dry the clothes as you expand the business..

5. Starting A food Delivery Business

What Business Can I do As A Corper ?

This is a nice business to delve into depending on ones location and environment..This kind of business is more suited for the ladies.. Doing this business as a corper, you may not always have the time to spare in doing the cooking, so you can either start by bargaining with someone to do the cooking for you so you don’t invest a lot of time and resources or if you’re chanced, do the cooking yourself… Which ever is convenient for you is alright by you..You might not find it easy if you work alone so find someone who’s ready to do the deal with you or a close person to help you out.

Get customers who need food to be supplied to them and find a means to get the food supplied to them as fast as possible.. Be neat with the way you get food to people.. You can advertise it by telling people about it via social media. You just might find yourself making lots of money, giving room for expansion..

6. Starting a tailoring outfit

What Business Can I do As A Corper ?

For someone who can sew well and has a sewing machine, or access to one, it becomes easy to start a tailoring outfit business. This makes it not suitable for everyone, but for anyone inclined enough for it, starting out is straightforward..

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All you have to do is make people aware that you sew well and you’re worthy of earning their trust on that. We all know that trust is a main factor in tailoring business and you would want to prove that you’re different from any other tailor, so that people can patronize you. Start from your immediate vicinity, then with time let outsiders know. Remember, when you start receiving orders from people, don’t delay on the job; as that could cost you..

7. Sell stuffs online

What Business Can I do As A Corper ?

You don’t actually need to have your own website to sell things online.. Jumia, jiji, konga and the rest don’t necessarily need to have there own products they sell.. What they do is, they contact people who have the product one wishes to buy from them online, then they buy it and sell it to you as goods delivered and you pay and they make there money..

You can register with popular online marketplaces like they ones just mentioned,.. This is not like owning your own website, where you have to pay for web hosting, advertisement, and other overhead costs, You get to focused on buying and selling alone..

All you necessarily need to do is to make findings on which product is in high demand, and try to sell these products. You can visit the online marketplaces and find out which product is selling fast, and try to sell the product as well.

Certainly you’d be faced with competitions, but if you offer discounts and make your price more competitive you’ll have an edge over the rest of the sellers and become a popular seller in no time, which means you get more fame and more money..

I am still open for suggestions.. Click on the comment section to air your view.

Thanks for reading..

May all your dreams come true and live long to enjoy them. Wishing you more wisdom and knowledge plus understanding from the above.

Remember: ‘’Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming’’ – Richard Branson and ‘’You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want’’.- Zig Ziglar

Good luck to your future 💕. Stay blessed…

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