NYSC Releases Full List Of Universities Banned From Partaking In 2021 Batch A Stream

NYSC Releases Full List Of Universities Banned From Partaking In 2021 Batch A Stream

About eight foreign universities have been banned by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) from partaking in the 2021 Batch A orientation course.

A report by Daily Nigerian, detailed that most of these schools in the Republic of Benin, Niger, and Cameroon, award degrees a few months after matriculation. The reason for their delistment was not officially stated in a circular (dated Friday, March 5) to state/FCT coordinators, it informed all D&R and foreign-trained verification officers in states to take note.

The NYSC’s director-general, Shuaib Ibrahim, lamented over the lack of professionalism exhibited by unqualified graduates from universities in the Republic of Benin. He noted that since his assumption of office, he realized that some of the corps members were returned by their employers to NYSC on the grounds that they were not qualified to teach or some them could not read and so on.

He also said that the scheme had arrested several numbers of fake corps members, recently in the last orientation and handed them over to the police for prosecution.

List of the affected universities

  • 1. Al-Nahda International University (Niger Republic)
  • 2. Ecole Superieur Sainte Felicite (Benin Republic)
  • 3. Ecole Superieur D Administration et DEconomics (Benin Republic);
  • 4. Ecole Superieur DEnseignement Professionelle Le Berger – ESEP Le Berger (Benin Republic)
  • 5. Ecole Superieur St. Louis DAfrique (Benin Republic)
  • 6. Institute Superieur de Comm.
  • 7. Dord Et De Management – ISFOP (Benin Republic)
  • 8. International University, Bamenda (Cameroon)


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