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You Don’t Want To Serve Yet But You’re Mobilized, What To Do

UPDATE: Because of COVID-19 measures being observed, there has been a reduction in the number of corps members being mobilized of recent.. So candidates who deferred the NYSC have been mobilized for the next streams automatically without REVALIDATION.

Sometimes a prospective corps members would want to defer/skip their services after being mobilized by NYSC for a particular batch for one reason or the other.. If for any reason you don’t want to serve yet but you’re mobilized, What To Do ?

To make it clearer, lets say a PCM is mobilized for Batch A but prefers to go for Batch B, which is the next batch.. Is it possible to skip your batch? This post will answer these questions and similar question too.

How to get along with it

If you’re willing to go with the Next Stream, there are two process to it…

  • Avoid doing the Registration at the first place,(This is the best way)
  • If you’ve registered with your call up No ready, kindly ignore going to camp when your Call Up Letter is Out.. Then re-validate when the next stream is about going to camp.

Some times a batch is divided into two, that is stream 1 & 2. NYSC mignt schedule you for stream 2 if you’re lucky.. But if you’re sent with the stream 1 of a particular batch, just do as i said above, Don’t go camping for the batch you’re mobilized with.

You’re not expected to resume in camp if you’re sick or if you had an emergency of some kind.. Obviously, you must be fit to show up in camp and NYSC is fully aware of this fact, that for many reasons a PCM might not be able to show up in camp as at when due..

Of course you don’t have to write any official letter backing your reason up. NYSC has made provisions for that without sanctioning individuals that fell into such.

You can still print your green card or leave it online. Just don’t go camping. when the next batch registration starts, and you’re ready by then just visit your NYSC dashboard and do REVALIDATION not REGISTRATION this time..The option for the re-validation is beside the option for the fresh registration.

I Will Be Overaged By Next Batch/Stream Can I Still Serve?

In a situation where you’re very close to 30, which is the maximum age for NYSC. and you’re contemplating if it would affect you, if you must skip your batch or stream..

The answer is, NYSC reckons with year and date of mobilization, not the date of being on camp or being posted. This means that once you’ve been mobilized at the right age and date and for some reason, you couldn’t go to serve till you’re above 30, you would still be allowed to serve.. Skipping or deferring your service beyond this age will not stop you from serving..

Even if your name was sent for NYSC in the senate list and some issues arose which caused a delay till you became overaged. you still have no problem.. NYSC uses the year of your mobilization instead of the date/year at which you’re registering.

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