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How To Avoid NYSC Online Registration Mistakes

During the NYSC online registration, sometimes mistakes are made by prospective Corps members and can be hard to rectify.. Due to this issue, the authority of National Youth Service Corps released methods to avoid mistakes which are hard-to-rectify.. Mistakes that should by all means be avoided are listed below as a guide.

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  • Registering by proxy: This is when someone stands in for the original person to be registered.. Do not request or allow anyone to stand in for you for registration. The person standing in for you can easily make a mistake that you wouldn’t.. Your finger print scan is also what someone can’t do for you because no two different individuals on earth have the same fingerprints (Biometrics), so no one else can fingerprint for you. Your biometrics (fingerprint) will be verified at the orientation camp..
  • Your Email address should be created by you; You should open your own email by yourself, you’re educated enough to do that.. If for any reason you you can’t create an email account, let a learned person create one for you and ensure to collect the details (email address and password). Keep the info safe, they are very valuable. Also log into your account from time to time. Sometimes you might be asked to update some of your documents. Do it quickly so you don’t miss being mobilized in your desired batch.
  • Registration mix up: Usually this happens when multiple registration are being done on multiple windows on the same browser and are prepared and submitted at the same time. Due to the fact that some cyber cafe operators want to rush up and attend to more customers than one, they do this.. This usually cause PCMs information to get mixed up and therefore gets it hard to rectify. Make sure the person registering you does not register another person at the same time. Also ensure your account is logged out before the cafe operator begins another persons registration..
  • Upload marital details if you are married; As a married person you’re to choose MARRIED online during the registration and upload the relevant documents during registration. Also provide your spouse’s surname and ensure it is correctly spelled. There should be no name discrepancy..
  • Sick persons; If you’re health challenged you’re to make sure you indicate it and the type of sickness, also provide and upload the medical report that backs it up plus any other required details .
  • Military, paramilitary or SSS personnel; If you are a military, paramilitary or an SSS personnel, you should make sure you indicate that during the registration and provide all other relevant information and upload the documents required.
  • Nigerian foreign trained graduates; If you’re a Nigerian foreign trained graduate, you should make sure you read the requirements for registration needed for Nigerian foreign trained graduates at www.nysc.gov.ng and upload them all as required.

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