4 best strategies on how to use your 33k NYSC allawee judiciously…

4 best strategies on how to use your 33k NYSC allawee judiciously

Friday 25th December 2020….

Hello wonderful one,

I often hear these words from corp members which goes like this “Oboy, this 33k nysc dey pay us na scam oh”.. Money has a spirit, and if you’re not well disciplined on how to use it, you’ll end up misusing it and there after complain starts… The 4 best strategies on how to use your 33k NYSC allawee judiciously which of course i will be showing you, would really motivate you… So by the time you are done reading this post, you will have a strategy on how to spend your Nysc allowance and how to save for the rainy day… First let me give you the strategy i used during my Nysc days, you can employ the strategy if it suits you..

During my service year, the first month wasnt really easy with regards to saving, due to i had to balance myself up.. As at then, it was still 19,800.. Questions like “is Nysc allawee increased” was still roaming but miraculously two months later the “Nysc allawee update 2020” became a reality.. I made a decision to save even before i came to camp, because i knew it was an opportunity to actually save without much stress.. So the number 1 thing is your mind set..(Make up your mind to save)..

While in camp, i was approached by first bank insurance officials, which they introduced me to there insurance policy for corpers (They always come to camp and a lot of corpers take advantage of the opportunity)… Depending on the plan you choose to suit your pocket, you make moves.. I opted in for 5k per month and when the allowance increased, i increased my savings to 15k per month… The remaining 18,300 plus 5k which my PPA (Place of primary assignment) paid, i used to settle myself for the rest of the month.. I served at akwa ibom state which paid 5k per month so it was an added advantage for me…. It was as if i was stupid then when i was saving but later my colleagues understood what i was actually doing..

when ever the Nysc allowance came (via alert..) You’ll see corpers buying and spending anyhow, doing all sorts of unnecessary things, (Well, its there money till when the federal government allowance stops coming).. I remember a course mate of mine who served before me, calling me for transport money to go back to his fathers house (This was someone that just finished serving that month oh) then i was about to go to camp because i wasn’t in his batch. Not to mention the “Nysc double payment” which corpers receive once, towards the end of there service year, i wonder what he did with it… The call from this friend of mine created a mindset in me, and it was loud and clear and a good note to “SAVE”

It was part my savings i used in buying a system and setting up a blog as this one you’re on now.. My “Nysc october allawee” actually helped me out because it was the Nysc double payment…. I actually wanted to startup a blog as at 2018 but due to lack of funds, it wasn’t possible.. I didn’t give up because i still went for online courses to prepare me for the opportunity when the time came.. Towards the end of my service year and during our passing out, i was just smiling.. No tension as some corpers tend to feel worried due to no more “New nysc allawee” (free money to blow) i was just at peace because i planned..

The Nysc latest news update today will never give you this advice as i am giving you now to save… You’ll only hear or see things like Nysc loan, non customer bank loans, bank of industry, Nysc loan 2019, unity bank social lender etc… Borrowing isnt the ideal way to live, so take my advice… if youve not started saving, start today..

The 4 steps i listed below will guide you on how to utilize your allawee properly..

OPEN A FIXED DEPOSIT ACCOUNT.. While in camp, make sure you open a fixed deposit account or an insurance account with any well recognized bank that comes to camp.. In my own time, i opened with first bank.. The benefit of this account to you is, it doesn’t have an ATM card which will ease you of the temptation to withdraw the money.. Also the money isn’t transferable till its due time of 12 months… This is just the first and crucial step to saving… You can also open a fixed deposit account at your preferred bank before coming to camp…

DETERMINE THE AMOUNT YOU’LL BE SAVING EVERY MONTH.. The temptation to spend on unnecessary things will always be there.. like gadget lovers, makeup lovers, fashion lovers etc ,the temptation is always high for them which can affect there savings… When you plan how much you are to save at every month, you’ll know how much you have left.. So utilizing your allawee wont be much of a problem..

WATCH THE KINDS OF FRIENDS YOU KEEP… It might sound somehow but friends can be a factor that influence your saving.. Some corpers spend to impress friends that have there own plan at the back of there mind… They party, drink, and do all sorts of things that just wastes there money and later you hear then say the usual “Oboy, this 33k nysc dey pay us na scam oh” why wont it be…

AVOID A LIFE OF LUXURY FOR THAT ONE YEAR.. If you’re from a very wealthy home, no problem.. The fact is to know where you are coming from.. I have seen people realized them selves when they had few weeks left to be done with there service.. its that time you’ll see them looking for buyers of property the acquired with there Nysc allowance.. The funny thing is that opportunists will always under price what so ever they are selling and for Mr owner of property, he or she will have no choice but to sell it for small change.. BE WISE..

let me also tell you a fact… We spent several years in school, from Kindergarten to Higher institution just to wear this uniform but WE WERE NOT TOLD that the uniform does not guarantee QUICK EMPLOYMENT.

Three weeks in orientation camp with paramilitary drilling all because of this uniform, still WE WERE NOT TOLD that the drilling is not a yardstick for quick employment.

Early morning bath in the cold, rushing to the parade ground because when you miss the first line of the anthem you will have to give proper explanation to the soldiers awaiting you with their heartless punishment yet WE WERE NOT TOLD that the government has destroyed the nation decades ago.

Climbing trees, jumping poles, crawling under a dangerous wire, running and marching in the sun all because the state government are on the way to visit the camping ground and there’s need to impress the nation yet WE WERE NOT TOLD that its just a waste of time.

Sharing toilet with more than 40 corps member, risking our lives to please the nation yet WE WERE NOT TOLD that our names are not on their list to benefit from the national treasury.

From camp to place of primary assignment, working from Monday to Friday without been paid yet WE WERE NOT TOLD that the sacrifices are not recorded in their book.

Finally we would pass out just like many others in the past and face the employment market but yet still WE WERE NOT TOLD that age is a barrier and 4 years working experience would be needed.

WE WERE NOT TOLD that education is what we need not schooling.

WE WERE NOT TOLD that SCHOOLING will only PRODUCE A GRADUATE WITH CERTIFICATE but EDUCATION WILL PRODUCE A PRODUCT WITH SOMETHING TO PRODUCE, but our teachers and lecturers lied to us that good CGPA is what the society needed.

They lied to us from kindergarten that we must study hard to have a good result but not to have a good education.

I dedicate this to all NIGERIAN STUDENTS who are coming to inherit this level of lies and wrong information in our academics curriculum….

My final advice to my readers is to be strong, be safe, be positively minded and always plan ahead….

Stay blessed….

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