Insurance Fraud: What It Is, and How to Spot It

Insurance Fraud: What It Is, and How to Spot It

In order to receive payment from their company, claimants frequently file insurance claims for events that never occurred. They didn’t understand, however, that every false claim you make has the potential to undermine the insurance policy, and everyone would suffer as a result.

Let’s first examine what insurance fraud is before delving deeply into understanding the many major insurance fraud.

What’s Insurance Fraud?

Any action taken by a claimant in an effort to obtain a dishonest result from an insurance company is considered insurance fraud. They frequently act in this way to acquire a benefit or advantage for which they are ineligible. False insurance claims are those that are submitted with the objective of defrauding an insurance provider or agency.

Since the beginning of the insurance industry’s history as a commercial enterprise, fraud in the insurance sector has existed. The primary driver behind many insurance fraud cases in history has been greed, which is the intense desire to unfairly benefit another person financially.


Types of Insurance Fraud

There are many distinct ways and settings in which insurance fraud can occur. Throughout this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at a few of them.

Faking Death to Claim Insurance Benefits

You shouldn’t be surprised that there are still people who will lie about passing away in order for their family to receive life insurance payouts. This is referred to as life insurance fraud. John Stonehouse, a former minister in the British government, vanished in 1974 while swimming at a Miami beach. All searches for him were fruitless. But he was discovered residing in Australia with a false name many years later. When this was discovered, he was extradited back to Britain and sentenced to 7 years in prison for forgery, theft, and insurance fraud.

Fraudulent Injury Claims

This type of fraud occurs when an accident only results in a slight injury, or even no damage at all, but the claimant nevertheless fabricates bills to convince his insurance company to cover an erroneous expense.

In other instances, the accident may have actually occurred, but the reporter chose to embellish the details. In that situation, even when there were only a few minor injuries here and there, they would continue to mention a broken neck or leg or make arrangements with the doctor to take a bed in the hospital.

Fraudulent Theft Reports

Fraudulent behavior also includes using an insurance policy’s benefit to obtain more than you did before you lost. This is due to the fact that, if allowed, it will encourage people to start causing incidents that will result in losses in order to obtain a better version of their property through insurance claims.

Here is a typical illustration. If your home was broken into and your TV and inverter were stolen, it would be false to say that your washing machine, iPhone, TV, and inverter were all stolen at the same time.

In cases where the claim is legitimate, exaggerated claims of theft are always regarded as a petty fraud.


How to Recognize and Fight Insurance Fraud

Knowing every type and branch of insurance fraud can help your staff identify it at a glance, which will help your insurance company last for a very long time. You will forfeit every single achievement you have ever recorded if you don’t safeguard your company.

A further strategy to combat insurance fraud is to abstain from signing a blank accident report. The police and insurance company must be called right away after any automobile collision to confirm the extent of the damage and to determine whether the claim is valid.

Claiming for Damages that Never Happened

Drivers frequently experience this. It is the main factor behind Ontario, Canada’s exorbitant insurance rates.

In order to obtain compensation for harm that never occurred, the claimant in this case tells a lie. A manufactured accident could be used to frame it. There are other instances where the claim is justified yet the owner’s negligence caused the problem.

What additional types of insurance fraud have you seen that we may not have already mentioned? Tell us in the comments section below.


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