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Zadok Imooje Ekheledu Moses was born into the family of HRH. Pastor and pastor (Mrs). Imooje Agbokhohi Victor the oba of orake kingdom in the owan-east local government area of Edo State. Born into the family of eight children, I occupied the seventh position having enjoyed the sap from the mammary gland for eight years before the last guy. Graduated a second class lower student of Science Laboratory Technology (Biochemistry option) from the prestigious Ekiti State University and also a certified laboratory technician in the year 2016. Among many other activities, I love to read, make new friends, travelling, volleyball and scrabble. I’m an introvert by nature but can be very jovial and free-spirited when am among circle of friends with like right, positive thinking, intellectual and progressive mind. Among my siblings, I am the most high-headed person who dears to do things that none of them would do. Though I was the most stubborn of them all, yet I was loved by everyone because of my ability to perceive the outcome of an action, defend those who are being oppressed and to help the poor. Raised by a Godly parents, the fear of GOD and love for humanity was instilled in us and they make sure we practice the truth from the word of God.

Growing up in Kaduna state, a Northern part of Nigeria in the 90’s was a pleasurable feelings. There was respect for both life and properties. “Be your brother’s keeper “ was the watch word of the day. Law enforcement agencies were craving for job to do as criminal activities was at its barest minimum. Only for those feelings and the state of serenity to disappear into the atmosphere in the year 2000. A year marred by religious crisis that left many dead and properties worth billions vandalized. Many were made orphans, widows and widowers while others who fell from the financial ladder never recovered.

An environment that was once friendly became hostile to both indigenes and non-indigene alike. Hatred had taken over and state of things has been dilapidated. Learning become very challenging as one would think about the safety of his or her life and that of their wards before academics.

We had to relocate from the place we called home (kaduna City) to a rural part of the state to begin anew. Our academics as children was greatly affected as those rural areas were not equipped enough to handle anything related to academics and this was a great set back.

As a child, I have always dreamed of becoming a space scientist. I wanted to explore the outer space and its beauty but that dream never came to fruition as the education system in Nigeria couldn’t help out.

“Nigeria we hail thee” was my favorite part of the second stanza of the national anthem as this phrase reflects the struggles and sacrifices of our heroes past. How they valiantly disposed the colonial masters from their exalted throne to become independent. This phrase also reflect the greatness of the giant of Africa as it has the most stable and fast developing economics in Africa.

In the Nigeria of today, good morals has been lost even the national anthem is barely sung in schools. Can we say the giant has fallen? The light of the economy is gradually dwindling by the day as corrupt leaders are at the hems of affairs. In the 90’s, any African country would rather trade with the NAIRA rather than their currencies but the reverse is the case. Most African currencies are now stronger than the NAIRA.

Nigeria is a land filled with opportunities and only a few among the majorities and minorities are actually enjoying the benefits. As one of my mentors would always say “what you don’t know is greater than you”. Meaning if you’re not privy to some information in this present economical situation of this country, then you will be left out.

For me, I have not given up on Nigeria as I believe the EAGLE will fly again.

GOD bless the federal republic of Nigeria.


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