How to Quickly Expand Your Classic Car Insurance Agency

The Top 3 Challenges Facing the Insurance Industry and Solutions

It is quite different from what you are already doing in your present business (if you are already in one) or what other people in other lines of industry you like are doing to expand theirs to grow a classic vehicle insurance business as an agent or a corporation.

The multi-billion dollar insurance sector is extremely competitive because of this. It takes effort and a tremendous lot of innovation for your business to stand out from the competition in terms of client acquisition, servicing, and income, regardless of whether you are in the life, home, travel, car, or health insurance market.

We’ll examine what vintage vehicle insurance businesses do now, as well as how to create a profitable and enduring classic car insurance business.

What Classic Car Insurance Company Do?

Classic cars are those that were produced between 1925 and 1948, according to the Classic Car Club of America. Good examples of collectable cars are the 1923 Model T, the 1941 Willys Americar hot rod, the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air with its 8-cylinder, 162 horsepower engine, etc.

Your collectible automobile is insured by vintage car insurance companies for a predetermined, guaranteed sum of money. A professional evaluation, a value reference like the Old Cars Report Price reference, or information made accessible by the underwriter’s investigation will all be used to determine the sum that you and the insurance company will mutually agree upon.

Examples of Classic Car Insurance Companies

Hagerty Insurance Agency

With offices in the UK and Canada, Hagerty Insurance Agency is a vintage automobile insurance provider with its headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan, in the United States. Around their shared enthusiasm in collecting vehicles, Frank Hagerty and Louise Hagerty launched Hagerty Insurance in 1984.

Grundy Worldwide

James Grundy Sr. launched Grundy Worldwide in the middle of the 1940s, and they have been insuring vintage and classic cars ever since. The Classic Car Club of America recommended them as their preferred insurance provider since they are so exceptional at what they do. Philadelphia Insurance Companies recently bought and are now the manager of Grundy Worldwide.

Heacock Classic Car Collector Insurance

Owner and founder of Heacock Classic Car Collector Insurance is Heacock Insurance Group. Since the 1950s, the Vintage Racing Association and Vintage Motorsport Magazine have predominantly highlighted them.

Here’s How to Grow Your Classic Car Insurance Company

Set Appropriate and Strict Policies

If you don’t establish proper guidelines to guide your team and, most critically, your consumers, customers will damage your entire insurance operation. If the cap on your insurance coverage is not met, the customer should be advised that they might lose any potential reimbursement.


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Examples of this kind of requirement include: your client must only use their classic car for special occasions; they must live in specific neighborhoods and not just anywhere; there must be a set driving limit for them; and they must not leave it parked in an unsafe area.

Work with the Right Team

What does it take to expand a successful insurance firm, in our opinion? All of our team members will agree that the first thing to do is to employ the right individuals and provide them with the appropriate responsibilities. Avoid trying to cut costs here or you risk putting your agency in a terrible situation that will take years to fix, if your collection firm is still in business.

Without a doubt, individuals create enterprises. Additionally, they must possess the necessary professional understanding of the market and the distinctive qualities of your organization in order to develop your firm.

Regularly attend events for the insurance industry

It could take you years and a series of risks to realize what you stand to gain by taking part in some insurance industry events since the benefits are so great. You can meet potential customers, partners, and new ways for running your business when you go to insurance industry events, many of which are covered by Insurance Journal.


The Top 3 Challenges Facing the Insurance Industry and Solutions

Treat your customers with respect

Treating your customers horribly is the best way to guarantee company failure. They’ll loathe your company and all you have to give for the rest of their lives. Whether happy or unhappy, a customer will tell others about the services you provide, for better or worse.

You may treat your customers like kings by being open with them about the effects of every choice they make and by constantly alerting them of your insurance policies.


When you begin employing individuals who are highly motivated and already have a passion for collecting, when you begin attending insurance industry events, and when you begin treating your clients like extremely important people, your vintage vehicle insurance business will achieve mind-blowing success.


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