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Plumbing Insurance for UK Homeowners

Plumbing issues, including leaks from incidents like pipe breaks or seepage from broken equipment like air conditioners, blocked drainage, and much more, are often covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

British homeowners are searching for the greatest plumbing insurance coverage that can safeguard them.

You’ll need sufficient insurance to protect your firm before you launch your plumbing venture. Do broken pipes get covered by homes insurance? In this article, you will learn more.

The majority of your time as a plumber will be spent aiding clients with insurance claims. To avoid making an expensive mistake, it’s important to remember your own business while taking care of other people’s stuff.

In order to protect your company from potential calamities, this guide to plumbers insurance will give you all the information you need on the policies that are available to you, as well as a breakdown of the typical cost of coverage.

What Coverage Does Plumbing Insurance for UK Homeowners Offer? What Are the Different Types of Plumbing Insurance?

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Below are some examples of plumber insurance for homeowners in the United Kingdom, how they work and what they cover.

Plumbers public liability insurance in the UK

If you harm a third party, such as by damaging their property or injuring them, public liability will cover your legal fees as well as any compensation granted.

You accidentally produce a leak in a customer’s kitchen, causing damage to their floor. They file a lawsuit against you for the cost of repairing the harm. Gas safe public liability insurance can also protect you.


Product liability insurance

If someone is hurt as a result of something you made or sold, you are protected by product liability insurance, which is sometimes marketed in conjunction with public liability insurance.

Even though you designed the plumbing for a brand-new house, it leaks because of the structure. The client files a lawsuit against you and requests that it be fixed by a different business.

Employers’ liability

If you hire employees, you are legally obligated to get employers’ liability insurance. One of your employees gets hurt using a tool you provided, claims it was due to insufficient safety equipment, and sues you for compensation.

Personal injury


You sustain a back injury when lifting the equipment, which prevents you from working for two weeks. Your personal accident insurance will help pay a portion of your wages while you’re recovering.

Contract work

Your tools are lost in a fire that breaks out after you leave them overnight on a client’s building site that is secured. Your contract work insurance will cover both their replacement and any additional time required to complete the assignment.

Business van insurance for plumbers

When moving your tools from one customer’s home to the next, your van works as a business-use vehicle. You are in an accident and lack insurance because you haven’t upgraded from Social, Domestic, and Pleasure coverage.

Tool insurance coverage for plumbing contractors

Your newly purchased expensive tool has been stolen. Your tool coverage pays the price of a replacement. Your tools and equipment can be protected from a variety of threats, including theft, with tool insurance.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover plumbing? Yes, it is the answer. In the UK, plumbing issues such as leaks from incidents like pipe breaks or seepage from broken equipment like air conditioners, clogged drainage, and much more are often covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

What does a homeowners insurance policy not cover? A conventional homeowner’s insurance policy may not always provide coverage for expensive jewelry, priceless artwork, other collectibles, identity theft protection, or damage from an earthquake or a flood, whether you live in the US, Australia, Canada, or the UK.

Get flood insurance if you reside in a flood-prone area. To better protect yourself, you could also require contents insurance for your home or clothing.


What Insurance is Required to Work as a Plumber?

The vast majority of plumbers think that keeping their business afloat depends on getting public liability insurance. Despite being more expensive than insurance for other trades, the average claim payout for the plumbing business is over £13,000, so if something goes wrong, it more than pays for itself.

Some plumbing businesses, particularly those that include design or advise in their services, will need to consider professional indemnity. If you consult on plans, draft blueprints, or provide other firms advice on how to properly install or manage their plumbing, professional indemnity will protect you from losses.

The UK government requires that you obtain employers’ liability insurance if you hire any staff members. It’s easy to get started; just let your insurer know that you have staff, and they’ll usually include it in your insurance automatically.


How Much Does a Plumber Insurance Cost in the UK?

Plumbers Public Liability plans start at about £475 per year for £2 million of coverage for a less experienced plumber; if you’ve been a plumber for longer, work outside of London, or select a lower level of coverage, you may find that your policy starts at a lower price.

Protection from third-party injuries, third-party property damage, and advertising injuries is included by this policy.


Cheap Plumbers Insurance Quotes in the UK

Comparing quotes from various insurers is the simplest approach to find the cheapest plumbing contractor insurance in the United Kingdom.

Coversure, Tower Gate Insurance, Crosby Insurance Brokers, Business Choice Direct, Nova Insurance, Broadsure Direct, GoSkippy Insurance, and Gallagher are a few of the top insurers in the UK that provide plumbers with affordable insurance rates.


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