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The Hostel Story You Will Never Be Told Till You Get To NYSC Camp

Talking about hostel life.. You see, in camp, there are different hostels with different personalities of human beings there.. It depends on which one you fall in..  Let me gist you a little (I know you like gist) .. 

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My first day in camp was hell.. I really needed to adapt to everything including time.. That first night, everyone were just gisting and laughing, making new friends and telling stories of their journey… Most people slept by 1am till suddenly the beagle rang!! Kpaeeyinn!! … E Don happen nw.. You’re no longer in your parents house or your own house..


To get up was war for those who slept late, who were some hours before telling stories coupled with the tired ones like me due to the stress of my journey… Like 60 Minutes later the Army people came chasing everyone out of the hostel with koboko…


The fact is, you’ll need to wake up as early as 4.30am in the morning to prepare yourself, because you’ll need to fetch water from the tap which most of the time, there’s always a queue there, which could consume time.. Most people fetch there water the previous day and keep it under there bonks, for the ease of stress the following morning….


I started adapting with the time, hostel noise and human frog echo at night.. Wait a minute, I just remembered that they’re people who slept, while making sure no one did sleep comfortably, due to there continuous snoring till daybreak… These guys were something else..


The hostel is a very large open spaced room, with iron bonks in it.. So you’ll have to choose a bonk you like.. if you’re lucky, you’ll be around someone that doesn’t disturb, because actually they are..

The Hostel Story You Will Never Be Told Till You Get To NYSC Camp
The interior view of the NYSC hostel..

Its just for 3 weeks, so you would have to manage, adapt to everything and prepare your mind for the Parade, Man o war drills and sports events that the NYSC orientation camp holds for you, after all its a one time experience..

You’ll meet wonderful people of different personalities and character from different institutions, from different parts of the country in the hostel.. I still remember many funny guys who always cracked jokes in the hostel and made us feel at home..


This guys could use any situation to make everybody laugh.. Fortunately for you, you could also meet a well known or an up coming celebrity in camp also.. To be frank hostel was really fun.. Also don’t forget that there are still things to be mindful of in camp.. I’m saying this so you also be wise and cautions with yourself and properties, because there are rogues there in the hostel, so shine your eyes very well…

There are also hostel neatness competitions in camp.. The results are announced on the parade ground for everyone to here.. This exercise is done to encourage neatness in the camp hostels.. But I thank God for helping me out.. It wasn’t easy because I fell ill the last week of camping… The medical system there wasn’t helping because of the influx of patients there.. I survived though…. 

 My advice is..Be strong, camp is not easy.. But it’s fun all the way.. 

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