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How To Survive Exam Tension

Certainly, the countdown has begun, how many days are gone, how many days are left? The tension is high and you’ve done nothing about test day and neither are you prepared for the exams. Still, you need to survive the tension that comes with it. But how? By studying.

Yes and maybe that leaves the ceremonial desk, chair, study lamp, PC, books, and a lot of textbooks kind of study. Probably boring. But maybe it can become interesting if you play a trick on it. You may have been advised to start getting prepared from the beginning of the semester but you didn’t and now you’re in the shoes you’re in and excellence is demanded of you regardless. Get your wand ready to strike with these tips.

1. Find Solitude

But not on a mountain though. Stay away from that constant reminder that you can’t make it in just a little time. You need to breathe. You know all there is in front of you but then, excuse yourself for a moment and get that me time. It could be a snack, a movie, or just one outing. Yes, it’s crazy but it goes a long way in relaxing your mind.

2. Draw the Hierarchy

Here you list out your courses in the order of your strengths down to your weaknesses. The courses you’re good in are at the top of your hierarchy and the others where you slack make the bottom. This will direct your focus to where it’s needed so you don’t go about reading everything cause that’s like stuffing coconut in your mouth, you’d barely be able to chew.

3. Then the Timetable

Your weaknesses need to be strengthened therefore, give more time to them. Draw a timetable to pattern your reading so you wouldn’t get confused about what to read. Get help, it won’t ruin your pride. It is not enough to draw a timetable get a study partner if need be or just someone that ensures you’d follow your timetable religiously.

4. Find the Right Place and Time

Except you like the ceremonial desk and chair study scenario, you can find the right place and environment that suits you. It could be indoors, it could be outdoors. Just about anywhere you can have your peace of mind and study. It is also a matter of when to study, during the day, or the night. Once you get the time and the place then it won’t be that stressful to sit and read.

5. Schedule A Break

Of course, you are not superhuman. You’d break down if you overwork your body. But, entertaining a distraction is not an excuse for a break. You don’t need partying or any other kind of fun you need a break to relax your mind and preserve the knowledge you’ve digested. Rest.

6. Apply diligence

This is serious. You need to want to excel if you must excel. Your timetable is made, follow it. Regardless of how enormous the knowledge you need to acquire, you can, only if you want to. And because you want to you’d put yourself to study.

In the end, it’d be worth the time. This is hard but you can do it. Your tutors don’t understand the stress they’re putting you through and too bad nobody would listen to your explanation when you fail. You must therefore work while it’s the day before results day come so you don’t cry in the silence of the night. You got this.

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