I’ve really been messed up in trying to achieve perfection and it’s been a disaster

This is write up by Damilola felicia yusuf,who writes about her experience of not despising the days of little beginnings.. please read and learn..

I’ve really been messed up in trying to achieve perfection and it’s been a disaster. Sharing this is sensitive and I have one message to pass across this morning.

I’m melancholic in nature (my temperament), I always like to do things in a very good and mind blowing way. I always want my hair to be perfect, my dress to look awesome, my relationship perfect and everything surrounding me.

In the middle of last month, July to be precise, I had a plan to host a talk show starting from LinkedIn Live and Youtube. The online talk show is meant to be about celebrating and interviewing young people that aren’t “celebrities” who are really doing well for themselves and even those who have failed one way or the other.

I was excited about it, I formed an amazing team from my contacts here on LinkedIn and after I gave them the brief, everyone was fired up.

Out of my search for perfection, I began to imagine having a physical show rather than online as it would be more classy and full of paparazzi. I researched The Ellen Show, The Steven Harvey Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show and others.

As a result, I and a member of the team reached out to some people and we found out that shooting a physical talk show was extremely expensive. I didn’t have enough money to be a producer not to talk of an executive producer.

The thought of this gave me sleepless nights, mood swings and so much worry (Remember I was meant to just start online). Moving forward, I said to myself “if physical can’t work, let’s move back to online”.

So, I requested for linkedin live and it was approved. Thereafter, I went to youtube to search for “how to stream live” and I saw some amazing live streaming set ups.

Again, being someone that pays attention to beauty details, I saw that there were lovely things that could make my live stream classy and topnotch. From the webcam to the microphone, headset, lightning and background.
One month passed and I was still running around in circles. I researched the amount of those equipments and they were on the high side so I couldn’t purchase them.

I tried all means possibly to the extent of approaching someone to borrow me funds so I could get it (All of this troubles just for perfection🥵).

I know people say it’s good to start small but I just didn’t want to start my show that way. But guess what, all efforts and struggles to meet up with my standard eventually became a waste of time.

After giving it a deep thought, I had to apologize to my team that I’m sorry for procrastinating and I’m ready to start small.

The DFY Show is going to be launching my September and I’m going to be featuring some of the amazing people from this platform.
I really do not like to start small but I’ve realized that true growth and less procrastination can only happen when YOU JUST DO IT✅.

So I’m encouraging you to start small irrespective of how it is. I’ve been there and it’s not funny…

Damilola felicia yusuf


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