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I Kept Looking at My Husband Like He Would Disappear At Any Moment From His Seat

Oluwakemi Sheba, ICSN shares her storry wuth us…

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It Cut Like A Knife

At times, I wonder whether it’s age, or gender or my career span that makes me relate to issues easily.

I have had to learn to be vulnerable in this recent past,as you will see below by sharing my stories.

It was the year 2000 during the compulsory 1-year NYSC,that this incident which left an indelible mark on me happened, but thank God I was able to move past it.

As I climbed up the stairs that day at my place of primary assignment, I overheard the following conversation, between two of my married corper colleagues.

“That Kemi girl,she’s okay ooo, but that thing that happened to her, can she ever see someone to marry her?” said the first lady.

“I really pity her,people who are complete and are fine have not seen husband, it’s now somebody like her”, responded the 2nd lady.

‘If she doesn’t see someone to marry her ,can she ever have children?”, the conversation continued.

“Hmmmm,that would be really hard “,came the response.

I wasn’t meant to be in the office that day ,as it was my CD, but i guess providence had something else in store for me ,to overhear this ‘knife’ that just cut me deep😔.

I stayed shocked on the staircase for a few seconds with tears welling up in my eyes and finally continued the ascent up the stairs when I was a bit composed( getting teary as I even remember).

They heard the footsteps and looked to see who it was and you can imagine the shock on their faces when they saw me.

I mumbled something to them and dashed into the restroom to cry my eyes out,while asking God, so many questions ,all over again.

That incident stayed with me for a long time.

On the day I got married it was so surreal, as I kept looking at my husband like he would disappear at any moment from his seat and it will just be like those ladies had predicted, three years before🥺.

That incident made me realise that:

👉People would NEVER understand what they have not been through

👉What people see is not what God sees( if men were God,haaa!🤦)

👉Man does not have the FINAL say!

Only God could have brought me this far, as I got married and have two wonderful children and have evolved from where and what I used to be and to Him I return ALL the glory.

I do not chronicle my stories for the likes or views or even comments, I do so to inspire and encourage others so they may have a ray of hope ,like I did and do.

I want to encourage someone out there that,

No matter what ‘ coconuts’ life throws your way,the experience is for a tale of a brighter tomorrow, don’t despair!

Happy Sunday, excellent people.

Oluwakemi, is open to senior customer service job offers, training requests, writing engagements and brand influencing via DM or oluwakemisheba@gmail.com.

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Oluwakemi Sheba, ICSN

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