Camping Necessities As A Corps Member

Below are the necessary things to come along with while coming to camp..

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  1. Don’t forget your documents ( Don’t worry I listed them all below). 
  2. Come along with two extra pairs of whites tea shirts and shot knickers.. (The one given in camp is inferior) so you don’t look like an unserious person after some days.. You can also buy a pair of socks too… 
  3. I recommend you buying a pair of rubber white shoes because of the rain and the ease of you washing it.. 

4. Buy a good waist pouch with good security ziplocks… You use it for your phone, power bank, money, ATM card, keys etc. 

  1. Buy a small food flask ( I’ll recommend a low cost rubber one) . It’s just for 3 weeks in camp, you’ll be fed there.. 
  2. Buy a digital watch that has alarm features.. It will alert you up, so you get prepared before the military guys come to pursue you all out of the hostel with koboko… (It’s funny right?) 
  3. Buy some pain reliefs, antimalarial and anti typhoid medications.. You can also include tetracycline tablets too in case of any stomach upset… It was the almighty God that saved me in camp.. People always fall ill in camp and at times you don’t get readily attended to as on a normal…
  4. Buy a bucket, it would help you with hostel life in camp..
  5. For the ladies came with your hygiene effects (Your pad and all the rest, you know them all). Remember you’ll be on whites most of the time… 
  6. Come with extra cash, like ten (10) thousand Naira should do.. 
  7. Come along with a portable stapler with enough pins… It’s for documentation purposes..  

I’ve seen guys and ladies get frustrated because of common stapler… It would ease you of insults..

ex-corp member


Documents (ORIGINAL) needed for registration at the camp*

Also Make 3 photocopies of items number 1-5.

1. 1st Degree statement of result or certificate 

2. School ID card

3. Callup Letter 

4. Green card (print out from your online registration) 

5. Medical fitness certificate* from a government hospital. 

6. Covid 19 test self-reporting form 

7.12 Passport photograph of white or red background 

8. Medical report for redeployment. (Not compulsory) used only if you want to redeploy.

9. ND certificate (for polytechnic graduate) 

10. Married women should go with all documents that were uploaded. 

From any of the under listed state Hospitals:

National Hospital Abuja, FCT

Isolo General & LUTH.  hospital, Lagos State. 

Uniport teaching hospital, Rivers State. 

University college hospital ibadan, Oyo State.

Aminu kano Teaching hospital, Kano,  kano State.

General hospital, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

State specialist hospital, Akure, Ondo State. .

State hospital Asubiaro, Osogbo, Osun State.

Abia State university teaching hospital.

General Hospital Enugwu-ukwu, Anambara state.

State General hospital Calabar, Cross River State.

Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

Federal medical center Owerri, Imo state.

General Hospital Warri, Delta state. 

Central Hospital Benin City,  Edo state_etc_ 

Note: Make sure you do all your photocopies before you arrive at camp.  Due to the cost of photocopying in camp is at a higher rate… And mind you, make sure you get a legit medical report.. Don’t do backyard reports from anyone… It almost got me into trouble at camp, God saved me that day, I’m talking from personal experience.. 

Also Have this in your mind that you might be cheated in transport fares because some transporters take advantage of corpers, because corpers don’t actually know how much they actually have to pay for transport… Let’s skip all these part and go straight to when you arrive camp… 

When you arrive at the NYSC orientation camp gate. Firstly, your luggage’s will be seriously scrutinized in case of any exhibits.. So be mindful.. Electronic gadgets, knives, and some kind of key holders aren’t allowed in.. They will be seized right there at the gate, so don’t bother about bringing them… 

Your documents will be verified, all of them.. Your call up letter, statement of result, o level result, School ID, etc all will be temporarily verified.. I said temporarily because you’ll still go through another serious verification at the next verification line…. And once you pass that step, you’re cool..   A number will be given to you during those verification and registration steps… Whatever the number ends with is your platoon number… For example if you’re giving 0571, you are in platoon 1.. 0572, you’re in platoon 2.. but if your number ends in zero tolerance 0, like 0570, you’re in platoon 10…  So with this number, you go to your platoon stand for registration… Don’t worry you’re not alone, the stands are always obvious and if you’re confused, you’re not alone, you can ask questions…  Once you’re properly registered in your platoon, there and then you’ll be given your NYSC kits… You can now rejoice…phase cleared… So now ( Fasten your seat belts sweetie) because in my next post, I’ll be showing you Hostel stories You will Never Be Told Till You Get To Camp.. See Also seven (7) things to be mindful of when you get to camp..

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