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Required Materials For NYSC Online Registration

To guide against unnecessary panic or exploitation of Prospective Corps Members.. This article will highlights the required materials or documents for NYSC online registration, the cost range needed and other related Informations.

The Required Documents Or Materials Needed Prior To The Commencement Of Registration

  • Your Matriculation Number: Make sure its correct,its very important.
  • One passport photograph: The photograph should be without any obstruction. The passport background color could be white or red.
  • JAMB Registration Number: Make sure they are correctly written out. Every PCM must have this from JAMB before admission or after through  jamb revalidation or regularization as the case may be.
  • An Email Account: A functional and accessible email address is needed ..
  • Your telephone Number: It should be readily accessible..
  • ATM card: (Visa or MasterCard) to be used to make payment to NYSC for Call-Up letter, just in case you prefer to printing it online. Also third party payment is also acceptable preferably by a trusted and credible person doing the registration for you.
  • Cash: You should also go along with money for services charges rendered by the Cyber Cafe..
  • Medical Report: This is required for PCMs.(Prospective Corps Members) It entails your medical status both (health challenges or disabilities)
  • Marriage Certificate:This is required for married individuals to enabled them access concessional deployment or redeployment to join their spouse.

For foreign trained Graduates eligibility for NYSC Mobilization. See NYSC Requirements For The Registion Of Foreign Trained Graduates.

Online Registration to the NYSC portal is the next step towards mobilization and for orientation.. For this purpose, PCMs (Prospective Corps Members) are to submit an online application to NYSC, thereby indicating his or her willingness to participate in the one year national youth service .

The NYSC online registration is always subject to the MYSC portal being opened.. This thereby leaves the fact that all qualified individuals can only register when the portal is open. Also there’s no fixed cost prize for the NYSC Online Registration. Cybercafe service charges could vary depending on location and also the person doing it for you..

Call up letter

After a successful online registration, you’ll be sent a call up letter by the NYSC.. The call up letter is a document that gives you details on your state of deployment, the date you will go camp and the address of the camp you will use plus other important details.. Payment for Online Call-Up Letter is optional, you can pick yours up from your institution which is payment free.  keep it properly so you don’t misplace it.. if you do, it would possibly make you miss your Batch of mobilization.

You can also print your call up letter online if you are far from the location of your institution.. So there should be no need to travel a long distance for Call-Up letter collection. It just costs N2,800 excluding bank charges for printing the callup letter..

If you’re a Foreign trained graduate, you are advised to always choose the online Call-Up Letter printing option because if you don’t, you will have to visit the NYSC headquarters for its collection.

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