4 Immediate Opportunities And Unique businesses for Female Graduates After NYSC

4 Immediate Opportunities And Unique businesses for Female Graduates After NYSC

Looking at what a female graduate can do after NYSC may be necessary because very many ladies are still not convinced that what a man can do a woman can do better. They can look for jobs, do any kind of business, proceed to postgraduate studies, make money online, and so on. If you don’t agree, even after giving you “4 unique businesses you can do after NYSC” ,you should really think outside the box..Even till this day, ladies are still asking “what can a lady do after serving?”

As far as I’m concerned, ladies, like men can do exactly the same. But if you must be attended to as a woman, perhaps I must choose the right tone for you and suggest much more convenient projects or ideas that are feminine in nature.

Without further ado, below is a list of opportunities a lady graduate should consider after NYSC.

1. Further Your Studies

Proceeding to postgraduate studies can be the right choice for you if you’re financially in shape to pursue MSC, PGD, You should by now understand that BSC is as common as SSCE back in the 90s. If you must be competitive and relevant in the labor market, you’ll need to consider postgraduate studies.

A lady may not have an edge over a male colleague unless she has something more to show for it.

I suggest you consider MSC if you will chase more academic and government jobs, professional courses (such as ICAN, Programming courses, etc) if you will chase private companies, or prefer starting a consulting service.

Mind you, it will be the best approach if you can further your studies while being on the lookout for any job opportunity or business idea. I explained this better in some other posts on this blog. After, women find it more difficult to further their studies after marriage. Consider that in your next decision!

2. Consultancy Services

Women are doing good in consulting services of all kinds. Thank God for this – most graduates are coming from courses that had trained them to be fit for this industry.

Marketing, business administration, human resources, event management, and accounting, consultancies are a few of the services you can venture into. These services may just require renting an office space in a  city in order to be closer to those who will need your services.


3. Day Care Services

Women are good at child caring than men – overall. If you think you’re good at child management – especially if you have the relevant qualification in education, this is a go-to service.

Before now, only the busy cities require the services of daycare houses, things have changed lately. 
Even very many people around you need someone to babysit their children at a bearable fee. What do you think most schools do with children in KG1 and 2? They only ensure our children are taken care of until we return to pick them up – not necessarily engaging them with academics. Having known that, we still pay them for relieving the kids’ burden.

A friend of mine’s child was enrolled at a daycare house for about two years before proceeding to a nursery class. The owner of the day care a lady later started a primary school of her own, She believed those kids could be taken further to the nursery and primary classes.

She only invited the parents to a meeting where she discussed her plan which was widely accepted and encouraged. You can do this too. Needless to say, we all know where you’re heading if you start this small.

4. Dry Cleaning Services

Gold visited a consultant to counsel her on her dry cleaning project. After NYSC, she believed she could make something with a dry cleaning business. The consultant was quick to tell her, that she was on a good course although she said her friend who had earlier advised her was reluctant and skeptical about it. The poor friend was of the opinion that the environment was not busy – more people might not need the services.

Well, she could be right. But this business started. Gold only contacted a few church members who were bankers, doctors, etc in town. She had his business cards and gave out flyers for advertisements.

A lady laundry service

Gold later went for her postgraduate studies, her skeptical friend was home running the business and sending money weekly to our friend.

This is a good business for any NYSC leaver, especially women. Unfortunately, there are more men in this business than women. I’m yet to know why.

All you need for this service are a washing machine, a regular source of water, a regular power source, and a spacious and secured compound.

I’ve seen a sacked banker who later started a dry cleaning business with the suits and trousers of his colleagues in the same bank. Now, he has about seventeen branches across Lagos.


While furthering your studies may be the right take if you’re financially ok, considering self-sustenance and independence through other suggested mediums may be the last resort after NYSC for women.

If you notice, I didn’t include searching for jobs on the list above. This is because everybody knows that before going to school in the first place. We’re equally aware that the labor market is madly saturated by now. Hence, if the going gets tough, you know where to turn.


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