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A little about me Ayoadeloye Emmanuel

My name is Ayoadeloye Emmanuel. I just finished my secondary education, I gradated in the year 2023. I am 16 years old, I was in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

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I am an indigene of Ipe Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria. I lives in No 11 Olorunsogo Zone 5 Road 5 Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.


As a young Nigerian I have been experiencing some limitations in the aspect of  showing my skill due to finance …. In a simple way. I am the type that likes solving problems e.g. repairing damaged appliance, helping people in mending less damaged stuffs..


Selflessness is also a part of me which i think will make it easier for me to achieve my mission of becoming an Engineer..


I aspire to be an engineer, an engineer is what i really want to be, it has been what i have been what I’ve been aspiring on since I was a kid.


It has being part of my day to day activities since I was a little child to keep repairing damaged torch light, flash light, phones and laptops. It was my hobby too, I really enjoy repairing things and solving problems, it is what i really wish should never end in me.

Hand touching phones and going to hidden part on phone is also part of what i love doing which has finally leads me to accessing the internet. Accessing the internet was full of enjoyment, seeing things that are beyond my surroundings, seeing things in other countries very far away. It was really nice. I loved it so dearly, it was fun and it is still fun til this present moment.

Talking about me striving to become an engineer was what leads me to science class in my secondary school. The class was an amazing one, talking about different chemical, living micro organism was 100% fun which I was not interested in at all, but it was fun. Mathematics and Physics were my best subject back then which was what I really need to become a certified engineer. My love for mathematics and physics leads me to lot of competition which was mostly won by me, if I don’t win, I will either be the second or third.

I will like to say it, it is all fun, I could even say my life was full of fun not until I wrote my WAEC examination. The result was really bad such that i was unable to use it for my entrance to University, thanks to God that I did an alternative examination (NECO). That was what I could say save me from staying home for a whole year. My JAMB UTME examination was nice though not to my satisfaction, I scored 63% of the accurate mark which was 400, my parent were happy at that but I wasn’t happy because I expected more than 70% for myself, it was painful that I couldn’t meet my own self expectation. I will be entering the University in two month time now, I pray it all turn out to be fun just like the past.

To me I think life is just what u want it to be to you, life depends on how you place it for yourself, keep your own self hope high and you will never be down, make life fun for yourself and it will not be bored. Life is just about you and your willingness to make it fun and prosper in it. The country we are now, is not the kind of country that u can just keep flourishing in it, it is the type of country you will have to work really hard for your success, just make your hard working a real fun for you and your love one’s and you will keep enjoying life. Thanks.


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